Bargain Basement

The best thing about the holiday aftermath, once presents have been handed out and the frenzied knitting/sewing/canning for loved ones on a deadline comes to an end, are the post holiday sales.

Behold my most recent finds, for under 9 delightful dollars:


Yard upon yard of lovely ribbon. Most of these were 75 cents at Michael’s, save for the lovely lime green one, which I felt compelled to replenish at full price after I ran out while wrapping gifts (there are two more that didn’t make it into the picture).

The best part of the trip was that I ran into someone just as intent on replenishing her ribbon collection, and after getting to chatting over the bargain bin, we found we had a lot in common besides our obsession with cheap ribbon. Connections to the same school, fervent love for crafts, and craft business aspirations made our chat quite lively. Actually, her aspirations have been quite realized in her business, Main Street Monogram. We talked ribbon, craft shows, websites, and agreed to keep in touch. Never underestimate the power of the craft store!

Posted by robyn on January 2nd, 2008 under crafts

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  1. Dori Says:

    I love these photos! You are not just a great crafter but also a great photographer (key to marketing a craft empire …)

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