Have you two officially met?


Banjo, meet the Internet.

Internet, this is Banjo.

This week, my role as an obsessed dog owner reached new heights. I started a Dogs Named Banjo Flickr Group today. Go see what other Banjos look like! They’re all full of doggie cuteness!

Banjo also managed to convince us to take her to an agility class, and Wednesday was the inaugural session of excitement. Despite the looks of utter disbelief from others whenever I reveal that this is her latest activity, I’m pretty sure this class is a little slice of doggie heaven for our little B. Not only is she learning to jump up on tables, hop through hoops, rock the see saw, jump the fence, and weave through poles. But in dog-terms, the class translates into a solid hour of delicious venison jerky treats, quality time with a handsome Goldendoodle named Charlie, and a trainer that she would do just about anything for.  What more could you ask for?

Posted by robyn on February 14th, 2008 under banjo

5 Responses to “Have you two officially met?”

  1. melinda Says:

    I can’t believe how DIFFERENT she looks from the last time I saw her! She looks cuddly and wise.

  2. Kim Says:

    Aww, Banjo’s all grown up! I love her red highlights.

  3. Lisa Clarke Says:

    Oh my gosh, Banjo is my childhood dog! I had a dog that looked just like her and I’ve never seen another one in the many years that have gone by since.

    She was a mix of some kind – Old English Sheepdog and something else. When we got her as a puppy, she was black, sleek, short-haired, and when she grew up, she looked like that! It was a bit of a shock, LOL!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Dori Says:

    What a super cute photo! And I’m sure that, in no time, she and the Goldendoodle will become BFFS and trade friendship pins during recess.

  5. robin Says:

    i don’t have a flickr account, but here’s my banjo pup:

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