In Denial

It’s a long weekend, which is really, spectacularly lovely and much needed.

In mathematical terms, having one extra day increases weekend time by 50%! In psychological terms it always feels like you have more than that, because you get three days to sleep in. The best part of it all is that you have extra time to procrastinate, coupled with the illusion that you can still get everything done in that one extra day. I have spent my weekend doing just that and fear that Monday morning will make me feel a little panicked. OK, a lot panicked. But never mind such things. Today I am in denial.

Today’s procrastination brought the resurrection of the much loved and, these days, much neglected fiddle.


A couple of years ago, my family-in-law learned of my desire to learn and offered up a violin that was once played, but had been relegated to a closet for many years since. I traded some web development for fiddle lessons from a fabulous local musician and so began my illustrious fiddling career.

Anyway, as I dusted it off, the wise and much-tormented animals and people in my own household scattered for more soundproof pastures. The ones outside didn’t know what was coming so they continued frolicking happily in their ignorance. After going onto YouTube to remember which notes to tune the strings to (seriously), I started sawing on the thing, and much to my surprise, I remembered how to play. I couldn’t really remember many of the songs, and each note was a blurry as the picture above (not that lovely in-tune, crisp sound you hope to hear).

Putting this back in my daily routine is on my to-do list come summer when school’s out for GOOD. Hooray for that!

Posted by robyn on February 17th, 2008 under crafts

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