Since we’re on the topic of straight-handled bags…

Knitting bag

About a bazillion years ago I found this bag for about 1.99 at Urban Outfitters’ bargain basement. You know, the part of the store that you wander through, wondering who actually could pull off wearing that pair of mesh pants, those shirts with the puffy sleeves that goes down to your knees, or that plaid beret thing. But then you look around, an oh yeah… These skinny, pierced, dyed hair hipster people could.

Now that I think of it, though, the bargain basement for hipsters-much-cooler-than-I is probably the same place that one could eventually find Chris March’s creepy human hair creations from Project Runway. (Anyone else see that? Yikes.) [via]

Anyway, one of the only things I’ve ever come out of that store with was this bag. And I love it to pieces!

Knitting bag with blue bird

It is currently home to all my knitting projects that I’ve abandoned set aside for a less busy time, as well as my homemade needle roll and zippered notions pouch for all the accessories:

The needle roll was… honestly? One of my first sewing projects (that wasn’t curtains) since a pair of tight red stirrup sweatpants from 7th grade. Yup, a proud moment in sewing history. If you weren’t sure about my social status back then, this should give you a quick clue. I’m not entirely sure why stirrups were involved in my pattern of choice, and why I thought I could wear them, but I know I was excited… until I made them. And I discovered that were too short. And if you know anything about stirrup pants, this brings discomfort to a whole new level.

How did we get onto stirrups? This is supposed to be about my illustrious knitting bag. Here’s the needle roll all spread out, filled with a few useful needles and accessories.


This sewing bag is the inspiration for my most recent handbag and started my seemingly unending affection for the straight wooden handles.

Upon further inspection, it looks like I’m not the only one with affection for the handles:

Daisy looks sweeter than she is!

Daisy sez – “What? I like the wooden handles for chewing on!”

Can you see the bite marks?  She's like a little vampire!

Can you see the bite marks? She’s like a little vampire-cat with those teeth of hers! This particular habit of hers is enough to drive me nuts! Ah well, wooden handles are too hard to resist!

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4 Responses to “Since we’re on the topic of straight-handled bags…”

  1. Dori Says:

    Your knitting needle organizer is one of my favorite Robyn projects!

  2. Kim Says:

    Ohhh, the deeply repressed stirrup memories are all flooding back to me. I used to pair mine with a looong wacky-patterned short-sleeved sweater. With shoulder pads. And sticker earrings, if I needed a little extra glitz.

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