Craft Mags?

I have been jonesing for some new magazine subscriptions to liven up the breakfast reading options.  My typical subscriptions (usually really boring businessy, newsy, or other publications with too few pictures!) have run out, and I’m going on an ordering spree.  So, I need help!  What craft mags are good these days??   I subscribe to ZERO of them, and am looking for some new suggestions.  I’m also interested to hear what you all read on a regular basis, not just crafts, because I need some new blood in the house. 

So tell all:  What mags do you swear by?  Craft mags?  Other mags?  Please chime in in the comments!

Posted by robyn on September 26th, 2008 under crafts

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  1. Lisa Clarke Says:

    I’ve been enjoying Artful Blogging, and strangely enough, Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion, which I had given up on 10 years ago but recently discovered I like again. Some of the newer sewing mags are fun, too, but I haven’t subscribed and I don’t remember the names. My idea of a fun Friday night is to hang out in the Barnes & Noble magazine aisle, so I usually pick up one or two on a trip like that. Oh! CRAFT: Magazine is a fun one, too.

  2. melinda Says:

    Bust has crafty leanings, as well as some lovely non-crunchy feminism and a weird pseudo-porny section at the end of each issue.

    And you know me — I love me some trashy Entertainment Weekly.

  3. Christine Says:

    I love Marie Claie Idees. You can subsribe through amazon. I don’t speak french but I love the pictures.

  4. Bear Says:

    Lisa Clarke nailed it, for me: Craft Magazine is great. ReadyMade is also a fun magazine, but it has a tendency to go for bigger, advanced woodworking projects and smaller, beginner sewing projects. Still worth checking out.

  5. GGS Says:

    Love your blog, especially the Bernina photos and advice:

    For quilt, sewing and fabric inspiration:

    Quilter’s Newsletter is the grand dame and still consistantly the best of the general quilting mag’s, IMHO, although I also like American Quilter’s (published by the American Quilter’s Society).

    Favorite art quilt mag’s:
    Quilting Arts Magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors.

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