The New Timtex: Thoughts?

Thank you all for the bag suggestions! I will show you soon what I came up with.  It was more an experiment than anything with a good lot of inspiration taken from a friend’s bag at work, but my prototype turned out well, and I think I will make it into something more real later.  Pictures soon!

But for now I’d like to revisit a sore subject.  Remember all the tears we shed when Timtex disappeared?  I’ve since been living in a world with sub-par interfacing.  Haven’t you?  I saw via Craft Apple a while back that Timtex was coming back in December.   Since I’m still trying to work through my stash of Pellon fusible, floppy, awful interfacing,  I haven’t gotten my hands on any Timtex yet.  C&T publishing is now selling a new reengineered Timtex on their site for a not so friendly price.  10 yards for 99 bucks, that’s about 10 bucks a yard.

So my question to you – is it worth it?  Have you tried any yet?  And where can I get it in smaller quantities to try out?  Joann is my only local option, and I’ve begun to loathe going there, and so far I’ve not seen any Timtex appear, though I’m not surprised….  (A rant on them may appear at some point, but for now I’ll try to stick to the topic at hand!)  I’d be glad for your advice!

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  1. linda Says:

    You know, since I’ve discovered flexi-firm, I don’t think I’ll be buying Timtex ever again. 2 layers of flexi-firm are better than one layer of Timtex AND it’s still cheaper – $3/yard and 30″ wide. The only sad thing is I can only find it online so that’s why I bought a big ‘ole roll of it. :o)

    You gotta find something that works for you, though. Good luck!

    lindas last blog post..Hooded Towels

  2. sharon Says:

    Sorry can’t help with advice as I don’t know what Timtex is, is it like pelmet vileve?

    sharons last blog post..Knitting

  3. sharon Says:

    oops I mean Vilene

    sharons last blog post..Knitting

  4. Todd Says:

    Hi Robyn-
    Saw your post and thought I would let you know we’ve shipped 10 yard bolts of the new Timtex to quilt and fabric stores. It is actually the same price as the old Timtex, but I do understand your not wanting to buy an entire 10 yard bolt. We’ve just created a craft pack with a smaller cut. It retails for $6.99. Give it a try and we hope you like it. It will be on our website in about a week: Hope this helps. Love your blog! Todd

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