Small Craft Room Enhancement

I’ve been getting the urge to redo my entire craft room from top to bottom.

During the 4 years we’ve lived in this house, I’ve try to bring this place to a place more our style and, well, century.  We steamed and stripped wallpaper in almost every room, repainted surfaces in most spots (sometimes twice!), sanded, washed, and generally tried to get this place into decent shape.  One room I left as-is (maybe because it was in ok shape already?  maybe because we ran out of wallpaper-steaming steam? maybe because I wanted to start sewing right away?) is my craft room.  As a result, I’ve been looking at a hideous green floral wallpaper border and bright yellow walls for too long, and I’m finally starting to find the thought of stripping more wallpaper palatable, if you can believe it.

While I deliberate paint colors and how EVER I will remove each and every item from this small-but-chock-full room, I decided to whip my ribbon supply in order.  I had a bunch of dowels lying around that went unused during a roman shade project, and so put one to work as a ribbon holder.

The whole stash hangs underneath a little Ikea shelf I put up ages ago and had hooks hanging from it anyway.  Easy to access, pretty to look at.   Hopefully not so heavy that the dowel breaks!  Maybe someday I’ll cap those ends somehow, but for now I don’t much care that they stick out there.

Anyway, I’d really like your opinions on wall colors at some point.  I will try and post some pics of the room itself (when it’s not a complete and utter mess, like it is today!) and see what you guys think.  I’m thinking some tealish blue.  I have been finding and saving color schemes over at  Warning – it’s an addictive site!

Have any of you been making enhancements around the house?  Spring construction projects in store?

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5 Responses to “Small Craft Room Enhancement”

  1. Ms. Fine Says:

    Love it. So simple. You make me yearn for my Austin days when we had a house–a house with a room all to my little old self. Sigh.

    Where do you buy your ribbon? I’m digging the red print. Are they mostly for purse embellishing?

    And for color schemes–one thing to remember is that you want to be able to really “see” your fabric. SO if you get any color that is really “intense” it can suck color from your fabric when you are looking at it. I read somewhere that as long as you have two white walls that come together in a corner and a true-lite you’re golden.

  2. robyn Says:

    That’s funny – I yearn for Austin, though I’ve never been there. I hear it’s a fantastic city and great place to live!

    I get my ribbon from all sorts of places, but nowhere really inspiring: Michael’s, Joann, etc. And when they still existed, Wright’s factory outlet in western MA (sooo cheap and great!).

    I appreciate the heads up on the color scheme and color-sucking colors! Hadn’t thought of that. I secretly dream about painting each wall a different color so that I have photo backgrounds in different colors 🙂 We’ll see!

  3. Janet Wennerstrom Says:

    I read your blog faithfully and enjoy your many talents.
    I, too, have a craftroom/office but mine is nowhere near as hip as yours.
    I buy my ribbon at Ryco in Lincoln, RI. I think it may be worth a trip. Check them out at

  4. robyn Says:

    Schucks, thanks Janet! If you saw my room (with floral border, messy floor stuff bursting) you’d think twice about calling it hip. A mess is more like it! Ryco sounds like a fun destination. Do they have a big selection? It’s tough to get a handle on it from their website…

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