Falafel! Chips!

Woah, people.  Have I told you yet of my love of falafel?  Of the amazing, delicious chickpea-based middle eastern delicacies of joy?  Falafel, served up in a crispy toasted pita with hummus and delicious tahini sauce, is one of the most simple yet wonderful of meals, in my humble opinion.  It is a vegetarian staple.  It helped sustain me when I lived in Germany (as a vegan, no less.  In that meat-loving country, this is not easy). I feel great love for this food, and yet, I never thought they could come up with something equally tasty in CHIP FORM.  My heart melts.

I will tell you that I immediately put these into my shopping cart the other day at the store. I will also tell you that, despite their USDA organic, Made in the USA, low sodium product attributes, I was apprehensive about them (I mean, can they really mess with the original falafel goodness?)  But I’m pleased to say, they were worth every penny of their $4.99 (!) pricetag, and I will buy them at the froo froo grocery each time I go, just to make sure that they don’t discontinue them. They actually taste like falafel, with the same strange falafel aftertaste that you other like-minded connoisseurs out there will understand.

Here’s what they look like out of the bag.  Round, crunchy, yum.

And do you like my new cactus plant?  And Ikea pot?

In other non-falafel-related news, I’ve been doing lots of crafty things these days and will have lots to show you in the coming days.  More soon!

P.S., OK, just in case you thought I was kidding about my love for falafel, I would like to relay to you the fact that one of my favorite pictures from my time in Germany was of the nice Turkish guy that ran my favorite falafel stand that I frequented enough to become a regular. He knew my order inside and out.  The picture was of him standing behind the counter holding a falafel sandwich triumphantly in one hand. I took the photo to include in a little photo-calendar number I made for a friend, and I so wish I still had a copy (this was pre-digital, thus ancient history!).  Maybe I’ll find it some day and scan it in. When I went back to visit during a trip back, his store wasn’t there anymore.  Hopefully he’s still bringing falafel joy to other obsessed people like me.  We can only hope.

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  1. MichelleB Says:

    Yum! I, too, love falafel. We actually have a great place that sells it out town. However, the best falafel I ever had was in Egypt. Yum. Don’t know why, maybe it was just a good memory. LOL I’ll look for the chips.

    MichelleBs last blog post..Where have I been

  2. kim Says:

    Aw, we had falafel on Fri. Yum.

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