Craft Room Makeover – Part 1 – Before!

The weekend has finally come (and now gone!) where my craft room makeover is turning into a reality.  I finally got fed up with the bright yellow walls plus the fruit motif wallpaper border.  This was one of two remaining rooms that we needed to rid of wallpaper. It may just be *my* last wallpaper removing endeavor.  The process reminded me just how much I hate it.  It’s hands-down my least favorite house task.  It’s hard, unrewarding, and way more work than it needs to be.  Between swears, while I let my weary arms rest, I consistently vow never EVER to put up wallpaper in my house as long as I live.  So far so good.  Instead, I will work on making every wall a different color, because that’s what I seem to be doing.

I’m about halfway through the repainting of this sucker.  Just removing all the clutter and stuff alone took most of a day.  I have no idea how I will pack it all back in.  I might just be holding a craft yard sale to reduce the amount of clutter; it is out of control.

Anyway, I wanted to document a few “before” shots of the craft room for your viewing enjoyment.

This one shows where most of the action happens – sewing machine, cutting mat, computer.  I spend a lot of my home-time in that little black chair doing one thing or another.  Hey, check out the cute maroon bag to the far left!  I plan on blogging about it soon.  It turned out great!

This armoire houses my stash, which will get a full reorganization treatment once it moves back in.  It used to be organized, then slowly degraded over time, and then finally got so unruly I had to push it back in to close the armoire doors!  To the right is a peek into the closet. It’s a lot of wasted space, so I hope to reduce some of the furniture in the room and place a lot of stuff into this closet  (with improved shelving).  We’ll see!

Right now I’m in the midst of painting.  I’ll be showing you that really soon.  Wish me luck!

Posted by robyn on April 20th, 2009 under crafts

3 Responses to “Craft Room Makeover – Part 1 – Before!”

  1. Alison Says:

    Hey, is this an ikea kitchen table or desk? I need to get something for my craft room and this looks large and fabulous!!!!

  2. Kelly Luther Says:

    ive been surfing the net amazed at how crafty some people are when it comes to decorating a craft room and feeling a bit sorry for myself considering i dont have one , when alas i came across your blog and i laughed so hard at your wallpaper experience! thank you!.. wallpaper is like people who put carpet in there bathrooms! useless and all it does is peel or collect mildew!..

  3. kristen Says:

    i just stumbled on your blog and was wondering how you did the hanging tin cups from your shelf?? how are they hanging? also, what kind of shelf are you using. lastly, where can i find these things?? i am looking to create a shelf/ space like this in my kids’ playroom.

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