Craft Room Makeover – Part 2 – The prep stage

This picture shows about how the craft room makeover is going so far.

Moving everything out of the room sucked, and now it’s laying all about the house in piles.  The prep stage had some chaos, some unexpected snafus, and a whole heck of a lot of SCRAPING.  I am pleased to say that the wallpaper is gone for good. Here’s a picture from this AM.  Still lots more to go.  That glue/paper stuff left once the fruit border is gone (the brown on the left) is my arch nemesis, to be vanquished only with a scraper of epic proportions.

I think I have biceps of steel now.  Or at least sore biceps of mushy Jell-o.

Here’s a little surprise I found underneath one of the outlets – some southwestern-themed paint!  This is not a shocker.  The house’s last owners had a certain affinity for the Southwest and its accompanying pastel-based color scheme.  Since our arrival here, we have since removed southwestern Navajo-esque wallpaper borders, painted over endless square feet of southwestern green and yellow walls, and in general tried to un-southwesternize this place.  I am extremely happy that they chose to paint this hideous peach with a slightly less hideous yellow.

Speaking of yellow, it’s on its way out, people!  Here’s a sneak peak of the “asparagus” green that I’ve decided to paint the room:

Better?  Worse?  The yellow looks almost white here.  Don’t be fooled!  It’s awful and must go!  Anyway, I’m quite pleased with the two walls that are already asparagus.  I adore the color, in fact, much to the dismay of my nay-saying husband, who thinks people will assume it used to be a nursery.  Ahem.  It pops without being too loud and beats white any day, right?  I know you’ll be on my side.

The plan is to do the other two walls a different color.  I bought gray, but it’s just not right, so I’ll probably be making another trip to the ‘Depot before the week is out to replace it.  Color suggestions?

(FYI – in case you have the painting bug, they’re having a $5 off per gallon sale this April!)

Tomorrow AM I’ll take some pictures of the color across an entire wall.  More pictures to come.

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2 Responses to “Craft Room Makeover – Part 2 – The prep stage”

  1. MichelleB Says:

    I like the green! But baby room? I certainly don’t see the green as being a baby room color. I have no idea what color to put with the green. Yellow maybe? LOL Maybe cream.

    MichelleBs last blog post..Where have I been

  2. robyn Says:


    I actually picked another color tonight, and it’s a dark creamish color. Thanks for the advice! Pics coming soon!

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