I Run on Dunkin

I will admit it right now, to you, here on the Internet, that I am addicted to the delicious iced tea produced by the little purple and orange roadside stops between here and everywhere, called Dunkin Donuts.  Not being a coffee drinker, having a Dunkin Donuts habit is fairly new to me – say, since around the time they started serving iced tea (or at least when I discovered it), which was maybe a year and a half ago.  (Oh wait.  Before the tea there was actually an egg and cheese habit that developed several years back.  That one thankfully has disappeared, along with the commensurate pounds I packed on during this era.  So I guess it’s not new.  Anyway…)

Recently, a DD came in within 3 minute walking distance from my office.  I experienced a few emotions as a result:

  1. Increased morale!  Because who doesn’t revel in an occasional afternoon coffee break when it’s time to go outside to warm the hands or let the eyes wander in ways that are not computer-driven patterns?
  2. Elation that iced tea would no longer just be a special treat on the days I didn’t ride my bike;
  3. A little sadness that iced tea would no longer just be a special treat on the days I didn’t ride my bike (this emotion was temporary);
  4. Disappointment at the realization that throngs of cash would fly from my wallet into their register or tip jar on an even more regular basis.  (This emotion, despite my practical roots, has not lasted either.);
  5. Happiness.

After some days of celebrating with Sol, my equally enthused coworker, I started noticing the omnipresent puddle that would appear on my desk during the day from the condensation from the tea – the only drawback I couldn’t shake from all this DD goodness.

And that’s when the DD coaster was born.  Problem solved!  See?

Posted by robyn on August 22nd, 2009 under crafts, random, sewing

7 Responses to “I Run on Dunkin”

  1. Dori Says:


  2. Warwick Says:

    I need that! I have the same issue every day with the DD iced coffee that is the most crucial piece of my morning routine.

  3. Lisa Clarke Says:

    I love a girl who can make accessories to match her addictions. Heh.

  4. Dog Named Banjo » Coasting along Says:

    […] I’ve been on a coaster-making kick lately.   They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions, so it turns out that my Dunkin Donuts addiction has really paid off. […]

  5. Rachel Says:

    That’s AWESOME. Do you have a pattern??? I have a serious, serious dunkin obsession. I tend toward the iced coffee. By the by – an upside-down mouse pad also works very well as a stand-by coaster (but not NEARLY as awesome).

  6. robyn Says:

    Rachel, I don’t have a pattern – I kind of mocked it up in Powerpoint and have since deleted it. DD uses the Debussy font, which is in the public domain, so you can download it for free lots of places and print the Ds out on your printer to make the coaster 🙂 Good luck!

  7. robyn Says:


    Heheh…. Yeah, necessity is the mother of all inventions! Have addiction, will make accessories!

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