Cross your Js and dot your Ts

I think that the last time I had handwriting that was easily readable was back in 1st grade.  Remember when we had that lined paper with the dotted line between the two solid lines?  The kind where you had to make enormous letters to fit between them?  It’s a shame that it’s not so acceptable for adults to use that;  I could use a refresher course.

It’s really absurd, actually.  Just to give you the full idea, I don’t even have a signature that I can rely on for one piece of decent handwriting.  In fact, I can barely sign my name.  It’s different every time, and this makes me terrified in stores when the clerk eagerly/scowling/dutifully holds the credit card to check my signature against my receipt.   All of a sudden, my hand just tightens up, and the chicken scratch is hastily scrawled on the line.  Writing thank you notes for my wedding was like one big nightmare.  Changing my name was also inheriting a new portion of a signature, which, 4 years later, still throws me for a loop at all of those grocery checkouts.  Most recently, I was terrified when my friend Kim had me sign her marriage certificate.  An official document that was not mine!  That would be used at the Social Security office, for passports, or who knows what!  With my ugly, horrid, cramped signature sitting there for eternity!  But, because I was honored and excited by the idea, I mustered all the Handwriting Foo that I could and pushed the pen around until it resembled something close to my name.  I may have left out the N.  (Just call me Roby.)

Needless to say, Ryan, who has impeccable and adorable handwriting, takes care of the household card, letter, and list-writing duties, so that the recipients may actually understand what we want to convey  This is why we’re a team:  I, girl, tell him when it’s appropriate to give/send cards, and he, boy, writes them up all cute and we send them off.  Unconventional, but great.

So with all this, can someone please tell me why I keep buying journals?  I couldn’t leave Barnes and Noble the other night without this one.  I ADORE IT.  And I may have even vowed to use it to practice my penmanship in justification.

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5 Responses to “Cross your Js and dot your Ts”

  1. MichelleB Says:

    The journals are adorable – I can see why you keep buying them.

    As far as signatures – after buying and selling a few homes, and getting 3 kids through school (each one brings home the same documents on which you write the same information every. year.) – my signature does not resemble any signature I might have made from years ago. So don’t worry about it – in 20 years you’ll probably have a completely different signature.

  2. Lindsaygail Says:

    I couldn’t have resisted either. That’s truly adorable, plus I have a real weak spot for journals. I worked in stationery stores for years, and amassed such a stockpile that I eventually had to give a bunch of them away just to make room in my supply closet. I do love to write by hand, but I mostly end up keeping my written journals in plain black moleskines. Go figure.

  3. robyn Says:

    Michelle, I’m heartened to hear that handwriting can change. Maybe there’s hope for me yet!

  4. robyn Says:

    Lindsay, I’m jealous you’ve worked in a stationary store. I’d absolutely love to. I could buy back-to-school supplies year-round; to be constantly surrounded by fabulous pens and papers would be awesome. Not that I could make use of them, but you know 🙂

  5. Brenda Says:

    Your new journal is lovely. The only way to improve your pennmanship is to bite the bullet and practice,practic,practice.
    I can’t think of a better way to tackle that task than with beautiful papers. You’re certainly on the right path, now go for it!

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