Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, everyone.  I hope that those of you that get a long weekend are  enjoying it weekend so far.  The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous and consequently there’s been some (really awful but fun) tennis playing, inspired by the incredible US Open in NY this past week (woah, those upsets make for fun tennis watching!), some party-going, some birthday-celebrating and dinner-eating with some fine friends at a lovely restaurant that is my new obsession, and some around-the-house homeowner stuff that’s far too boring to mention here.  I’ve even continued my strange habit of jogging.  My legs are sore.  I love that feeling.

The other morning I was up early and took Banjo for a walk to a nearby school that I pass each morning on my way to work.  I always remark to myself in my head, or sometimes out loud if no one’s around, that the sun shines really beautifully on the field on sunny mornings.  So, since I was up, I took her to the park, and brought my camera to see if I could get a little photo-love with the sunshine.  Alas, not that many great pictures to show for it, but a little portrait of the soggy, dew-soaked girl above, and my favorite one, below.  I think I’ll call it:  “Am I going to have to throw this myself?”

Posted by robyn on September 6th, 2009 under banjo, random

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