New things, a new year.

I’m 32 now. I think it’ll be a good year, if this first week is any indication.

So far in this new year, I’ve treated myself to some new fabric, which I’ll be receiving shortly and will photograph when it comes.  Happy birthday to me!  I’ve also discovered and now adore Greek yogurt. There are tons of varieties being stocked in my local grocery (when did that happen?) but Fage is my favorite brand. It appears to be pronounced Fa-yeh, for those of you that read out loud in your head, like I do.  The Trader Joe’s nonfat is really delish, too.  I’m going to try them all until I find the one I like best.  A lofty goal for the next year, no?

Also in this new birthday year I made some tomato sauce from scratch.  Mastering a great tomato sauce has long been among my summer plans, but I’ve only made it twice.  This time I made it from this recipe, which actually took a lot longer to cook than he says, despite his ridicule of hours-long sauce cooking.  I’ve jarred it for now and plan on making stuffed shells, even though they’ve been poo-pooed by my Italian-American coworker as being Italian-American fare that he tries to avoid at all costs.

(What he doesn’t know is that I don’t mind living down on the lower end of the cultural culinary spectrum.  Stuffed shells are brilliant and cheesy and great, don’t you think?)

Speaking of which, do you have a good sauce or stuffed shells recipe?  Grandma’s best?  Perhaps something reverse-engineered from your favorite restaurant?  A good cookbook?

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  1. melinda Says:

    Oh good grief. Did I miss your birthday? I win the Shitty Friend award. I’m sorry. I hope you had the best, best, best day.

    And I, also, love Fage Greek yogurt. Esp. the kind with honey. So expensive, but one of my favorite treats.
    .-= melinda´s last blog ..Hound dog =-.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Happy Birthday Robyn!
    Have fun making up your yummy sauces.
    My favourite easy to make sauce is to simmer ripe tomatoes with onion, garlic, a bit of sea salt and sugar, and toss in some fresh basil at the end. You can tart it up with streaky bacon-if cooking for meat eaters, or mushrooms, or pine nuts or really anything that adds extra flavour according to preference. Add to fresh pasta and scoff!

  3. Brenda Says:

    Oh, to be 32 agaon…NOT! Would you believe me if I told you the best is yet to come? Probably not, but as a woman of 44 I can tell you, with absolute cetainty that you should hang on to your hat because that ride is just starting, woo-hoo! Happy, HAPPY, Happy Birthday!

  4. robyn Says:

    Thanks, Stephanie! I will try your version of tomato sauce. The one I made was waaaay too sweet. I love the idea of pine nuts in anything, including sauce.

  5. robyn Says:

    Thanks so much, Brenda! I’m heartened to hear that the best is yet to come. It’s been a great ride so far, for sure!

  6. robyn Says:

    Melinda, it was a lovely day, made better with a vacation day, beautiful weather and of course the ever-classy takeout pizza for dinner. Woo hoo!

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