New Laptop Sleeve: Scooters!

There was a time when I quite seriously contemplated buying a cute little Vespa or Honda scooter. They’re fairly cheap, and if you get one that’s below a certain engine strength (50cc), you don’t need to get a special license to ride them.  It’d be a perfect commuting vehicle, is extremely earth-friendly, compact, and oh-so-cute!  Perfect for short or easy errands on the weekends, and you can even park it on the sidewalk like a bike!

There are down sides, though, beginning with the fact that they’re really just fair-weather vehicles.  Riding one of these suckers through rain and snow is not only unappealing, but no doubt dangerous and totally uncomfortable.  And considering I’m trying my best to bike commute my way through all the good weather this year, I figured a scooter would be a conflict of interest and would likely sit idle in the garage on the nice days.  So I didn’t get one.

But thankfully I can now live out some of my scooter dreams through this adorable scooter fabric.  It’s a laptop sleeve for my work laptop, so I can cruise around work from meeting to exciting meeting with it snuggled in its little scootery home.

The inside is full of these cheery green polka dots.

I want to make everything out of this scooter fabric.  I’m in love!

Posted by robyn on October 31st, 2009 under crafts, sewing

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