I just bought this full-of-awesomeness new chair for just $20 bucks at a yard sale.  It was totally meant to be that I and this chair would come together in holy craft-room-accessorizing matrimony – I’m sure of it!  I was on a bike ride and passed this yard sale in a posh part of town.  I think that if there’s one rule of yard sales, it’s that you have to stop at the posh ones for the big bargains to be found at rich peoples’ homes, right?  I mean, the nicest houses seem to have the nicest stuff.

But I didn’t stop. I violated my own rule, even though I spotted this cute little pink chair staring right at me, and despite the fact that I’ve been looking all over for a small, comfy chair for this corner forever.  I went on to my destination (a 40-some-mile ride in total, with a lovely stop to visit my dear friends’ new baby in between!).  On the way home, a few hours later, I re-passed the posh yard sale, and it was STILL THERE.

I sat on it, and it was comfy!  And then the guy came out and told me the magical price of $20 – serendipitously the exact amount I carry with me on bike rides – and I forked it over and told him I’d be back later to get it.  And now the chair lives in the craft room, together with me, and the little scooter-covered footstool.  We’re still in the honeymoon period.  The chair doesn’t know yet that it will be piled high with fabric from time to time, and we might fight about that, but I hope we don’t.  Aside from these (hopefully) brief messy periods, I think we will live happily ever after here in the craft room together.  Sigh.  Love!

Fabric ideas for the perfect throw pillow?

Posted by robyn on June 1st, 2010 under crafts, random, sewing

8 Responses to “Score!”

  1. Amanda Elizabeth Says:

    oh SUCH a cute chair!!! I’m voting for something fun and unexpected…maybe the plaid from Joel Dewberry’s modern meadow?! Or some seahorses from Mendocino?!

  2. robyn Says:

    Ooh, I could totally see the JD plaids! Just checked them out. The pink and green plaid is almost made for this room. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Jabba Says:

    I agree – something totally unexpected. Especially if you are not planning to reupholster it! Maybe even a solid brown – that would match your picture frames! What about a round pillow with a big button in the centre? Oh god….don’t get me going.
    You will have to post about what you end up with!

  4. henry Says:

    that’s a good strategy smelling it up after a long bike ride, so the seller had no choice but to practically give it away!

  5. Xue Says:

    Wow Robyn, it is not only a pretty cosy corner but a really pretty chair & cute otoman in the most perfect shade of colours!

  6. Rebecca Says:

    Holy Moses! That is a sweet chair! I can only hope to find a beauty like that one day. I paid way more than that for my stupid Target chair that my cats think is their scratching post. If you find another chair like that and send it my way, I’ll make you something pretty. 🙂
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..On Heather Bailey =-.

  7. wishes, true and kind Says:

    Oh, great find, and it sounds like it was meant to be! It looks perfect in that corner against the green walls.

  8. robyn Says:

    Oh, but Henry, don’t you know that women don’t sweat and always smell like fresh oatmeal cookies? That chair smells better every day just being in my presence.

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