Driving! – Day 1

Probably by tomorrow I’ll post about my drive with less exuberance. Chances are good I’ll rethink the exclamation mark altogether and just go with something between a … And a 🙁 maybe a simple period will do?

Anyway, I’ve found farm country! I’ve got a solid 550 or so miles behind me and I’m nestled in the warm embrace of a highway hotel in Youngstown, OH, after a successful day 1 of driving. Make that the freeeeeezing cold embrace. It’s like a refrigerator in my room, but nothing that can’t be solved with a little thermostat adjustment. For now, I feel kind of like I’m at work so it’s all good, (except this room is without the gentle whirring of my space heater in the background).

From my window I can see a Taco Bell, a Perkins, a half dozen gas stations, and a Mexican restaurant called Salsitas. Yelp just confirmed its outward sketchiness by giving it a mere 2 stars. Thank goodness for Yelp!

On the other hand, my VegOut app tells me hat there are two vegan options within a 20 mile radius. Score! Except that one doesn’t appear to have food (?) and the other doesn’t have a website and that makes me rethink driving far to go there. In light of this, I may try to patronize a non-chain sandwich shop that gets some serious Yelp love. (If you haven’t guessed by now, I will admit that I am a total ratings lemming. Attach 5 stars to anything and I’m there!)

Day 2 will start early and if all goes well will land me in Iowa City, which is an adorable town where we’d drive to in college to get a bookstore and coffeehouse and Indian food fix. Excited to see what it’s like now!

Here’s a pic of my packed car. Bike, big nag of gear, little bag of gear, if you can see it at all. Hope it works!

Posted by robyn on July 21st, 2010 under random

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