Fruits of our (local) labors

Happy Labor Day weekend!  We’re celebrating birthdays this weekend – mine and Ryan’s and a good friend Mike’s.  For the occasion we’re making piles and piles of food all with the theme of being local.  The weekend started with major procurement of local foods from nearby farms, farm stands, and markets.  Final results include:  Coffee ice cream made with local raw milk (and locally roasted coffee beans), dishes with loads of fresh corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and cukes, a fresh turkey from a nearby turkey farm, beverages with local booze & honey from local bees, and from our very own garden a bazillion herbs that can be found in just about everything else.

And three pies – pumpkin, blueberry, peach, all with locally-grown filling ingredients and homemade crusts.

I’m looking most forward to this here ice cream made with our brand new ice cream maker!  You can see the beginnings above:  warmed milk, cream, and sugar and coffee beans, steeping for at least an hour. This is delicious and creamy by itself, but then comes a custard made from egg yolks and more milk and cream, then more cooking, stirring, tending, and finally, freezing.  Trust me when I tell you it is worth the labor.

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  1. Odell R. Santos Says:

    The above isn’t an ice cream recipe though. Without eggs it is nothing more than whipped cream. It needs eggs (either whole eggs, or just yolks). The other change I would make would be not to use milk. If you do it will be really watered down.
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  2. Vivi Says:

    Just like to thank you for posting the tutorials on the BSR and the buttonhole for the Bernina Aurora. I inherited the same machine and not knowing how to use it fully, your tutorials have been a great help. Thanks so much.

  3. Roosevelt Franklin Says:

    The base of the ice cream is nearly identical to all of the others that I have made from The Perfect Scoop – a custard base made with sugar, milk, cream and egg yolks. Throw in a healthy dose of milk chocolate and some Guinness and you have your recipe! The ice cream is super creamy, has a rich milk chocolate flavor that is highlighted by the Guinness. You can taste it, but not in the beer-type way you would imagine. It’s subtle and actually accents the chocolate in the best possible way. This is definitely perfect for dessert on St. Patrick’s Day! Grab a spoon and dig in!
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