What I Did with my Extra Hour of Daylight: Pink Patchwork Belt

Growing up, I was the type of tomboy kid that refused to wear dresses and play with Barbies, and would instead prefer riding my dirt bike around town.  My mom had to try all sorts of tactics to get me to agree to finding and buying a dress for some special occasion (chorus concert!  family pictures!), while attempting to stave off the inevitable cranky fighting that would occur during these mutually-dreaded trips.  It pains me to think of what a picky, annoying mess of a dress-hating daughter she had to deal with, but she was a pro and had the patience of a saint.

My favorite (and probably the most successful) tactic of hers was when she’d have me wait in the dressing room in some department store, and go out to the sales floor alone and find a few things without me.  This way, I couldn’t veto everything at first sight.  She’d return and only enter with the dubious goods once I’d closed my eyes.  She’d put one of the dresses on me (eyes still closed!) and we’d discuss the merits of the dress (“isn’t it comfortable?  feel how soft!”), all with eyes tightly shut.  She’d then have me open my eyes, having worked to create a more positive attitude, and have me look in the mirror to see this much talked-up dress.  It actually worked and I can remember leaving with a dress on a few occasions.

I’m not sure when or how it happened, but, now, many, many years later, I own lots of dresses, and no one had to coerce me into buying any of them (…my eyes were open the whole time).  Perhaps even more surprisingly, the most frequently seen colors in my closet are now pinks and purples.  In fact, at times it feels like those are the only colors in my closet.  Ryan would agree.

So, when I took a break this weekend from PodPillow production, I decided to make this pink patchwork belt.  Happily, it matches just about everything in my wardrobe and I love it!

And now that I’m on such a girl-roll, I’m on the lookout for Barbie fabric.  Do they make that?  Just kidding.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on how to get my craft juices flowing.  I think I may make a wristlet next.  I need something to tote around work that holds an iPhone + a credit card + my (non-existent-but-planned) DD large iced tea cup cozy so that my hands don’t freeze this winter while I feed my daily addiction.

Posted by robyn on November 7th, 2010 under crafts, sewing

3 Responses to “What I Did with my Extra Hour of Daylight: Pink Patchwork Belt”

  1. Jabba Says:

    That is GORGEOUS! I would totally wear that! I like that you made it super wide too. Did you interface it, or just make it like a typical strap? What a great way to use up scraps.
    .-= Jabba´s last blog ..Book Review 4 =-.

  2. robyn Says:

    Thanks!! I use interfacing in just about everything, belt included (and straps, too). What’s nice is that if the belt starts to lose its shape over time, you can just iron it back to life again!

  3. Marlene Says:

    I have see this belt folks – top quality! I’ll be watching ETSY for them!

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