Double triangle

I think it was maybe 2002 or 2003 when I saw a bag on the shoulder of some unsuspecting woman at this great bar in Cambridge called the West Side Lounge. I loved this bar for many reasons. First, because I am not really a party/loud/raucous bar person, and this is neither loud, nor partyesque, nor a raucous kind of place. It’s a very chic but low key lounge-style bar, with mellow waitstaff, patrons, and big comfy (but stylish) booths. Also, the relaxed atmosphere apparently attracted very few smokers (before all smoking was banned in MA restaurants and bars), which I liked. Also, I have several fond memories at this place. It was a frequent gathering spot several years ago where a few of my close friends and I would sometimes gather for drinks after dinner on the weekend. We all lived close together at that point, before anyone had yet moved away yet (sigh) and we could sit, sip on our delicious beverages and actually hear each other talk. Third, they have great French fries. Really, truly great. And that is a good a reason as any to be a fan of any restaurant, ever.

Ever since, I’ve been smitten with this idea of a bohemian-style sling bag with beautifully rich reds and earthy colors. Each time it’d pop into my head, I remembered the bar, kind of like how a song has the ability to bring you back to a place. You know, like how “More than Words” by Extreme has the power to bring me back to the 8th grade. But see, the difference is that I don’t cringe or run screaming when I think of this bag. And so I decided to finally make it, knowing that I was not in danger of my bangs growing to miraculous Aqua Net-induced heights and that I would neither be in jeopardy of spontaneous pegging of the jeans or tucking of the front of my sweatshirt (!).

I used a couple of these fabrics:

Grey Green Blue fabrics

My actual creation looks nothing like the original inspiration. In fact, it possesses… um, none of the original qualities that my dream-bag had when it still lived in my head. Neither is this a sling, nor very bohemian at all, nor does it have even a hint of red. And I had this crossing pocket concept that just never worked out. But it does have polka dots and a triangle, and I like it! Behold, the West Side bag:

Triangle bag

Complete with teeny tiny pocket in the front!

And the back with a little circle for added excitement:

West Side Bag -Back

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the background is a really pretty blueish-purplish-grey that really brings out the colors in the polka dots. The strap is short and it hits just under the arm. A clever pocket on the inside, with a metallic snap to keep everything together.

So there you have it. A little walk down a not-so-distant memory lane resulting in a bag. Now I’m craving fries.

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4 Responses to “Double triangle”

  1. melinda Says:

    Love! (the bag and the french fry memories)

  2. Dori Says:

    Also LOVE!

  3. breezily Says:

    Me too!

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