New Frenchy Handbag

Last week I made the first real item made on my new Bernina machine.  It’s a Frenchy handbag, the smaller version of the other one I made not long ago.  I was skeptical, but I think this turned out pretty cute, even though it’s waaay preppy for my taste.  I used Amy Butler Belle fabric on the bottom and Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy on the top.  The body’s a great size – just right to fit the essentials – but I wish I had made the handles longer. This bag lives somewhere in between handbag and shoulder bag.  (I prefer the shoulder variety, if you hadn’t noticed.)

I had fun experimenting with some thread made for topstitching (I think…) Mettler’s polyester Cordonnet, which is really heavy thick thread.  It it tough to get the tension right, but once you do, the outcome is really nice, and I think it makes the handles look adorable from far away, though it’s hard to see by way of photos.  Here’s a close-up.

I think in order to actually get use out of this, I may have to buy a new wardrobe at J. Crew, or  convince a yacht owner to take me out to the seas for a weekend.  Any takers?

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  1. Jo Says:

    Very nice bag indeed! Love the topstitching.

    As far as handle length goes I think that’s a common theme for AB bags, unless they’re specifically shoulder bags. But it’s annoying when it looks like it should go over the shoulder but just won’t…

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Holy Cow! I LOVE the fabric combination. I don’t think it’s too preppy, but then maybe I’m preppy??? Who knows. I really do love this bag though.

    P.S. I’ll have something pretty on it’s way to you soon (from the quilt contest). June was busier than I had anticipated!

    Stephanies last blog post..Fourth of July Dress

  3. robyn Says:


    Thanks, Jo! This one’s oh-so-close to just right with the handles, but sits *right* under my armpit. And for a summer bag, well, let’s just say I should carry it in my hand or on my forearm 🙂

  4. robyn Says:


    Thanks, Stephanie! Take your time on the contest thing. It’s fun to get surprises in the mail no matter when!

  5. Sara Schneider Says:

    Hey Robyn! Love your bags, what fabulous fabrics! I saw you mentioned the Blik surface decals – aren’t they cool? I got the “critters” in blue for our babies’ room. They are just so whimsical.

  6. robyn Says:

    @Sara Schneider:

    Hi Sara!

    I almost didn’t recognize you by your new last name – from one German last name to another, huh? 🙂 Out of curiosity, do the Blik decals come off if you make a mistake? Or, say, 2 years later when you’re sick of them? I wonder if they’re more permanent than they appear…

  7. Sara Says:

    I think there are reusable and one time use Blik decals. I got one time use ones and put them onto cavases that I painted because I wanted to be able to take them with us when we move (in about a month).

  8. CJ Says:

    Okay, I see which handles you used now. Hmmmm, wondering if the shoulder bag handles will be TOO long. Maybe I will do something in between. The stitching is just beautiful. Did you use twin needles on the handle or just sew it four different times?
    Do you just test out the new thread on scraps until you get the right tension?? I haven’t ever had to do that on my ‘old’ machine.

    CJs last blog post..A confession and a plea for help

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