A Good Day’s Work

I worked from home today. And there is no greater joy on the night before you know you have to go back to work (the day after a snow day that extended a weekend, no less), that you can crawl out of bed a little later than normal, stumble into your office in your PJs, and ease into the work day without the daily normal routine. Unlike my dear friend Dori, who feels the need get dressed each day in work clothes even if sitting in her own study, I am firmly in the opposite camp. I think if I worked from home every day, I’d be at risk of owning an entire wardrobe of only PJs.

Anyway, when I work at home, I’m inevitably more productive. I listen to music through speakers instead of my enormous headphones, can hum or sing at will, and I am able to hunker down, all in the silence of my little craft room. Music and work now go together, so much so that when I’m working without it, I feel less productive.

So today’s task while working away diligently was to feed my iPod. As you know, one must do this on a regular basis, otherwise they get grumpy. Would you like to meet my beloved iPod?

Special Plus

I am pleased to introduce you to Special Plus. Special Plus joined the Special family of iPods about a year ago after I answered a trivia question correctly about web browsers at a geeky conference. Special Plus was preceded by Special (also known as Broken Hard Drive Jerkface during less fond moments), and Special Jr., who was also fortuitously adopted at aforementioned geeky conference.

Today, I decided to fill in the holes in my digital collection with some music that I’d been pining for but just hadn’t made it to digital format yet (or had and was misplaced during one of my computer transitions). Peter Paul and Mary, Martin Sexton, Deb Talan, Kris Delmhorst, Ellis Paul, and Girlyman albums found their home on my dear Cassie Plus’s hard drive to complete their collections (yes, there’s a family of Cassies too. I can’t help it.)

Anyway, Special Plus, being a bundle of plus-sized specialness, deserves the royal treatment. This is why I recently decided to renovate her house. She went from living in this very adorable and well decorated, but a wee bit small garden level apartment with butterfly wallpaper to a more spacious house on the hill filled with only the most lush and comfy couches:

Special Plus's old digs

Special's new digs

After all, it’s winter and she really should keep her head a little warmer! Wouldn’t want her to catch cold.

I’m still thinking of embroidering something nice on the front. I’d love to hear what you think would go well!

Posted by robyn on January 15th, 2008 under crafts

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  1. melinda Says:

    Ooh, ooh, ooh. I have that exact same Ipod. If you’re casting off the garden apartment, can I use it?? Or can I commission an original work??? My Ipod is in dire need of a cover. Do you want my Ipod to be cold?

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