Because I know you wanted to know…

It was a busy weekend! A quick trip up to Maine to visit family meant that Little B had fun playing with one of her best dog pals, Milos. We always wish we could stay longer, but it’s at least nice to get up for a little bit. Don’t let the green fool you in the (old) picture above. The part of Maine we were in is covered in approximately 1000 feet of snow. Piles everywhere, not even pretending that spring exists and that… oh wait it IS spring. (Could have fooled me. This might just qualify as the longest winter ever.)

More on our crafty activities in Maine in another post. Let’s just say it was a “hole” lotta fun. Ha ha. Yes, you will see just how clever I am with my little pun when all is revealed.

And I know you’ve been holding your breath and dutifully crossing your fingers, like I asked you to. And it worked! The hat fits! I will wear it tomorrow.

Posted by robyn on April 6th, 2008 under banjo, random

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