Summertime Pictures of Banjo, Me, and a Bag

I took these pictures to submit to the u-handbag AB contest this month!  And because it was a beautiful day and I have been meaning to put more Banjo on this blog.  She put up with it quite patiently!

Posted by robyn on August 1st, 2008 under banjo, crafts, random, sewing

4 Responses to “Summertime Pictures of Banjo, Me, and a Bag”

  1. CJ Says:

    LOVE this purse! In fact I am cutting out that very purse in a pink AB fabric right now. Is this the handbag?? Are those the handbag straps?? My daughter thinks she wants the shoulder bag straps instead but I am liking these straps. Very pretty purse.

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Banjo looks like a great doggie. I love the first photo of her. What kind of dog is she? I also love the bag.

  3. robyn Says:

    @ Susan Ramey Cleveland:

    Thanks, Susan! Banjo is a Labradoodle – 1/2 lab, 1/2 poodle!

  4. Armunia Says:

    Hi banjo ! you’re a girl !!! a nice girl, are’nt you ? <3<3<3
    you look like a very great girl !
    in french i’ll say about you : ‘une gentille, gentille fifille’ ;=)

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