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I need to (finally) make a bag to go with this coat (that is 2 years old) that is winter/snow appropriate and I need your help!  I’m finding it a tough color to match to. This pink bag is no longer in my possession, but I find these fabrics a little too springy for the look I’m going for. Currently I am using a very cute, but not so matched bag with it.

So I look to the experts for suggestions:  What fabric should I use?  What type/style/pattern of bag should I make?

Posted by robyn on January 24th, 2009 under crafts, random, sewing

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  1. Kristine Says:

    I love the coat. Too bad I can’t justify buying clothing like that here in CA haha.

    The Earth and Sky colors from AB’s Belle collection might work well. Some sort of teal color would probably work well with the coat.

    Bag style, maybe something like this?

    I love making bags for outfits…hehehe…

    Kristines last blog post..Blue Diamond Quilted Taffeta Bag

  2. CJ Says:

    let me try again

    and maybe some from Kaffe Fasset. I was hoping maybe Urban Couture line but they look too red.

    CJs last blog post..I’m going to challenge myself

  3. robyn Says:

    Hmmm… it seems that something’s gone wonky with comments… I’ll look into it!

  4. CJ Says:

    Cute bag Kristine! I was just looking at Amy Butler as well and I am thinking these two might look good;


    you know those winter blue skies can be soooo pretty!

    CJs last blog post..I’m going to challenge myself

  5. Kim Says:

    Perhaps something in more neutral colors, maybe black & white, or gray? I envision big buttons to go with the winter coat theme.

    Here’s one I’ve been eying on etsy, which is not as big as what you want, but the right colors and too adorable not to plug:

  6. robyn Says:

    Kristine and Kim – those two bags are both cute! I especially like the flower on the little clutchy one. I’m also leaning towards neutral. Gray, maybe… We’ll see. I’m experimenting with some grommets today. Maybe that will end up being a bag for this coat, even if it’s not that exciting…

  7. sharon Says:

    Thinking that it’s a winter coat, how about a laminated plastic fabric so it won’t absorb the wet, maybe something recycled like sweet papers, or drink cans.
    BTW I love the coat, just the style I’d like to have a go at, I saw a lovely pattern in an old Bernina magazine, maybe I’ll have a go at it for Spring.

    sharons last blog post..Birthday weekend

  8. Kristine Says:

    You could go neutral with a touch of color on the outside and then use a happy print inside. That’s what I usually like to do if the exterior is more solid than printed. 🙂

    Kristines last blog post..Emmeline Apron

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