The Demitasse Bag 2 (or: Timtex Challenge Part 2!)

Here’s the second bag I made to test out the old and new Timtex interfacing from C&T Publishing.  This one was the proud recipient of the old Timtex, in all of its coveted glory. Just like the first Demitasse Bag I made, this one used the entire contents of a Timtex craft pack, ‘cept this one was the old standby, not the new reformulation.

If you’ve read the first part of this Timtex Challenge, as well as my other Timtex post (yes, I’m a HUGE nerd to think so much about interfacing, but really!  It’s important!), you’ll know that I gave the new formulation of Timtex a big, huge thumbs-up.  After I worked with the new and went back to working with the old, I really didn’t notice much of a difference at all!  The older Timtex is slightly heavier and more fibery (if that makes any sense) than the new, but as I worked with both side by side, they really were both incredibly similar, and equally effective in keeping the shape of the bag.  So it looks like you really can’t go wrong with the new stuff!

I’ll be eager to see how either bag breaks in and to see if there’s any difference between the two.  Thankfully, my very own mother has volunteered to take this black and white bag off my hands to aid me in my testing!  I thought about doing a blog giveaway for both bags, with the stipulation that you have to send in updates, but this way I’ll be able to check in on the progress first-hand and see how it wears.  And besides, who can really deny her mother a request like that?  Not I, certainly.

Crisp corners!  Certainly beats Peltex and other substitutes I’ve been using hands-down!

Anyway, I think the challenge was a success, all in all.  I will most certainly be seeking out more Timtex in the coming weeks to make more bags.  I’m thankfully just about out of my Peltex stash and I now have a built-in excuse to buy me some more Timtex. A big nerd’s dream, I tell you.

Posted by robyn on March 10th, 2009 under crafts, sewing

2 Responses to “The Demitasse Bag 2 (or: Timtex Challenge Part 2!)”

  1. CJ Says:

    This bag I LOVE! More my color combo. 😀 So again, the question of how the pleats are so soft if lined with TimTex. Thanks.

    CJs last blog post..Just sayin’

  2. robyn Says:

    @ CJ:

    Thank you, CJ! To answer your question about the Timtex – I did the pleats first (with no interfacing, then attached the Timtex to the entire front piece. So… The pleats are still fluid and light, but the entire bag has a lot of shape.

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