Small sunny joys

It’s been all doom, gloom and a big rainy mess in these parts for what feels like almost all of June.  I caught a small bit of sun in pictures during this stormy, rainy period we’ve been having (and apparently will endure for several more days.  Ick).

I’m trying to see if I can turn my thumb green once again this year.  I’ve had several failed attempts at this same goal, but this year, just maybe it will stick!  Or perhaps I am starting to find the plants that I’m not able to kill very easily.  So far I’ve planted 3 tomato plants and two pickling cucumber plants (to help offset the money to buy cukes for our pickling endeavors).  I’ve never tried growing vegetables in the past, but so far, so good!  Two of the three tomato plants have already begun to yield many, many tomatoes.  See?

These are the Orange Blossoms.  It appears they’ll be early and plentiful!  Banjo observes wistfully in the background.

But now confession time!  Today you can definitely subtract Green Thumb Points from my record: this afternoon I checked on the tomatoes, whose branches have grown like crazy with all this rain, and by the time I was done, I think I’d snapped 3 branches.  Oops.  Oh well.  (Worse: this is not the first time this has happened).

Is it any wonder I can barely keep plants alive?

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